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what is dropshipping business? how to start dropshipping business in India

What is dropshipping business? 

what is dropshipping business?  how to start dropshipping business in India
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Dropshipping Business is a form of a retail method where you do not keep the products in stock as a list. Instead, what you do comes under contract or agreement with a wholesale supplier, which stores your own list and you have to transfer customer order and shipment details and send the product directly to that customer. Give the order that has ordered you

The biggest difference between dropshipping and standard retail model is that the drop shipping traders do not always list their lists or stocks, but merchants buy that product from a third party to fulfill orders given by the carrier and direct customer transmitters. . Most drop shipping traders directly buy products from a wholesaler or manufacturer.

Benefits of Dropshipping Business In India

The biggest advantage of dropshipping business in India is that it is possible to launch e-commerce stores without buying a list to launch millions of rupees. Generally, retailers have to buy a large number of products so that they can make the product available to the customer on their own orders from their stock.

But in DropShipping, you do not have to buy the product unless you have sold it to the customer. After the product's money arrives, after the product order by the customer, you buy the ordered product from the third party and then reach the customer, thus it is possible to start successful drop shipping business with very little money.

Easy to start

When you are not confused with physical product, it is easy for you to run an e-commerce business. In the dropship, you do not have to worry about some of the following things - to keep the product to keep the warehouse, check packing and product shipping, product orders and stock inventory level etc.

Business can be done from any place

Unless you are in touch with your customers and suppliers, you can make your e-commerce business from anyone.

Wide selection of product

Since you do not have to buy any products in advance, you can make many products available to the customer.

How to Start a DropShipping Business in India

what is dropshipping business?  how to start dropshipping business in India
business research industry

  • Whenever you start any business anywhere in the world, it is always advisable that you should have full knowledge about the industry as the industry does, how much of the cost you have to run that particular business Be aware, legal formalities that increase the business, what are your competitors, technical aspects of business, are the physical aspects of business, and you have to run that business You should be aware of your abilities.
  • This is also for the drop shipping business in India, before you can join this kind of business, you should have full knowledge about this topic.
  • Now, when you work with researches about Dropshipping Business in India, you have to create a business plan and in it you have to mention things like Business, Business Unit, and all the people associated with the business. , Investment in money matters, marketing strategies etc.
  • After making a business plan, first you need to get business registration, you can get business registration by choosing Business Entry like LLP, Partnership, Private Limited Company, OPC etc. and apply to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs or you can You can also get business registration to start your business under MSME and you will be entitled to stay at the Reserve There is a need to get the Shop Act License from the Authority and when you are in the dropshiping business in India, you are required to get a GS registration in India.
  • The process of business registration will take some time to complete, in the meantime, you should secure money for your business, nowadays you can get money for your business through banks, financial institutions, gold loan, and venture capitalist Are there. You should also keep in mind that when you receive MSME Registration or Udyog Aadhar Registration, you should apply for currency loan under which you will get the currency card, which you use to get a loan for the operation of the business or any of the business Others may meet financial requirements.
  • Once you have faced everything above, it will be time for you to start business operations. For this, you should contact the e-commerce salesperson or you can create a website as a drop shipper in directory websites or you can list yourself.

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