Research Report on China's Antifungal Drug Market, 2013-2017


Published Date: December 2012

Published By: China Research and Intelligence Co., Ltd. (CRI)

Category: Pharmaceutical

Fungi are usually opportunistic pathogens for healthy human bodies. Under conditions of weakened organism resistance and bad external factors, it is likely to cause general or local fungal infections. In recent years, fungal infection cases tend to gradually increase in China, which is related to following factors to a certain extent: 

  1. Patients in hospital for a long term caused by severe basic diseases or lots of combined diseases will reduce the immunologic function of organisms to easily cause fungal infection; 
  2. the misuse of broad-spectrum antibiotics, large usage dosages, long usage periods, excessive varieties, etc. will damage internal microeubiosis and transform formerly-nonpathogenic fungi to dominant bacteria so as to induce fungal infection; 
  3. the improper application of glucocorticoids inhibits immunity of organisms, damages defense system of organisms and promotes the growth of mildew, which causes iatrogenic fungal infection; 
  4. patients, such as AIDS patients, with the low immunologic function lose resistance to fungi because of the decline in or losses of their own immunologic functions for many reasons. 

Under conditions of weakened organism resistance and bad external factors, conditioned pathogenic fungi for human bodies are possible to cause general or local fungal infection. In addition, with the application of antifungal drugs, drug resistance of fungi increasingly strengthens, so it indicates a sharply rising trend for the clinical application of antifungal drugs. 

Fungal infection can be divided into two categories: one is subcutaneous fungal infection, which is called as superficial fungal infection; the other is systemic fungal infection, called as deep fungus infection. Deep fungus infection drugs are always the driving force of the antifungal drug market, with the increasing market share year by year. It accounted for over 90% of the share of China's antifungal drug market in 2011, which was associated with the rising incidence of deep fungus infection and endless emergence of new drugs. As for share of each variety, China's top 5 antifungal drugs in 2011 were separately Voriconazole, Fluconazole, Caspofungin, Itraconazole and Micafungin, amounting to 88.54% of the market share. It is obvious to see the high concentration rate in the market. In recent years, the size of China's antifungal drug market always maintains the rapid increase, which reaches about CNY 7.1 billion in 2012, increasing by around 25.2% YOY. 

In recent years, the misuse of broad-spectrum antibiotics, adrenocortical hormones and immunodepressants and the large application of invasive operations cause dysbacteriosis and declining resistance of organisms to fungi, which results in the increasing incidence of deep fungal infection day by day. In addition, fungi and human cells belong to eukaryotic cells. After the long-term administration, it is always considerably toxic for hosts. Meanwhile, drug-resistant strains of fungi for Fluconazole, Itraconazole, Voriconazole and Amphotericin B appear, with the increasing trend. Therefore, the antifungal treatment is extremely troublesome and new-type, powerful and safe antifungal drugs are urgently to be published. Moreover, with the application of antifungal drugs, drug resistance of fungi increasingly enhances, so it indicates a sharply rising trend for the clinical application of antifungal drugs. 

It is expected that in coming years, the annual growth rate of market size of China's antifungal drugs will be over 20%. As for manufacturers, there are many opportunities.

More following information can be acquired through this report:

  • Current Market Situations of China's Major Antifungal Drug Varieties
  • Major Enterprises in China's Antifungal Drug Market
  • Development Trend of China's Antifungal Drugs

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Table of Content

1 Overview on Antifungal Drugs
1.1 Development Course of Antifungal Drugs
1.2 Classification of Antifungal Drugs
1.2.1 Polyenes
1.2.2 Polypeptide and Amino Acids
1.2.3 Allylamines
1.2.4 Azoles
1.2.5 Metal Complexes
1.2.6 Plant Extracts

2 Market of Antifungal Drugs Globally
2.1 Incidence
2.2 Market Size

3 Analysis on Antifungal Drug Market in China

3.1 Market Size of Antifungal Drugs
3.2 Market Share of China's Antifungal Drugs
3.3 Market Shares of China's Major Antifungal Drug Varieties
3.4 Market Shares of China's Antifungal Drug Manufacturers
3.5 Growth Rates of Major Antifungal Drug Varieties

4 Analysis on Major Antifungal Drugs in China, 2011-2012
4.1 Voriconazole
4.2 Fluconazole
4.3 Caspofungin
4.4 Itraconazole
4.5 Micafungin
4.6 Terbinafine
4.7 Amphotericin B
4.8 Econazole
4.9 Miconazole
4.10 Clotrimazole
4.11 Bifonazole

5 Product Names and Prices of China's Antifungal Drugs, 2012

6 Development Trend of China's Antifungal Drugs, 2013-2017

6.1 Market Trend
6.2 Technology Trend

List Of Figures

Chart Market Size of Global Antifungal Drugs, 2005-2012
Chart Market Size of China's Antifungal Drugs, 2007-2012
Chart Market Share of Each Sort of China's Antifungal Drugs, 2007-2011
Chart Market Shares of Top 20 Antifungal Drug Varieties, 2006-2011
Chart Market Shares of Top 20 Antifungal Drug Enterprises in China, 2007-2011
Chart Market Shares of China's Voriconazole Manufacturers, 2010-2011
Chart Market Size of Voriconazole in China, 2007-2011
Chart Market Shares of China's Fluconazole Manufacturers, 2010-2011
Chart Market Shares of China's Itraconazole Manufacturers, 2010-2011
Chart Market Shares of China's Terbinafine Manufacturers, 2010-2011
Chart Product Names and Reference Prices of China's Major Antifungal Drugs
Chart Prediction on Market Size of China's Antifungal Drugs, 2013-2017

List Of Tables


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